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What’s in a goal? How NHL sides celebrate on social media

Once upon a time, National Hockey League Twitter accounts were strictly business. They announced events, released important information and live-tweeted events with little regard for humour. It simply wasn’t the

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NHL makes foray into Twitter streaming

This past summer, the NHL was one of the sports leagues to partner with Twitter to bring live content to fans. As part of their agreement, Twitter will stream ten

Under Armour announces deal with MLB, but is it biting off more than it can chew?

Under Armour’s foray into the world of connected fitness has taken an extra step forward. According to The Drum, the American sportswear company has announced a partnership with Major League

Snapchat Spectacles are social sport’s latest innovation

Last week, the NHL’s Minnesota Wild embraced first-person, behind-the-scenes social sharing when they became the first professional sporting team to utilize the new Snapchat Spectacles, a move that teams will

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Amazon is plotting the end of traditional sports broadcasting

In what could be the final nail in the coffin for declining traditional sports broadcasters, the The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that Amazon has been in talks

Twitter announces new partnership for major leagues in USA

Twitter announced today that it will live stream weekly games from Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Hockey League (NHL). 120 Sports, the OTT network, will also produce an

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Under Armour and the NHL create the “Art Of The Possible”

Under Armour and NHL have both announced a partnership with German software company SAP in order to create the “Art of the Possible”. Announcing an app that will be able

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 11/03/2016

Facebook chases NFL streaming rights With its live streaming service now picking up a huge amount of momentum, Facebook has reportedly inquired about the broadcast rights of the NFL in a

Chicago Blackhawks give back to the fans in new campaign

NHL team the Chicago Blackhawks has launched an interesting social media campaign #WhatsYourGoal in an attempt to reach more fans in a more unique fashion. Each Wednesday, the franchise has

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 29/01/2016

Pokémon to turn 20 at Super Bowl 50 In order to celebrate its 20th birthday, Pokémon will broadcast a TV commercial during the Super Bowl which will be held on February 7.