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How technology has changed on the UK sports media industry forever

My article from Vodafone UK’s Better Business blog on the symbiosis of media and sport. And how the industry has been changed forever by technology

Michael Owen’s surprising commentary debut

Ahead of BT Sport’s launch next month they have produced a new video featuring the commentary skills of ex-Liverpool striker Michael Owen.

The Future of Sport on Twitter is… Video

New developments are happening everyday, from Ref Cam to the real-time highlights during March Madness. What does the future hold for sports content on platforms such as Twitter?


The Social Media battle between Corporate Communicators, Journalists & Sportstars

The fifth part of this series looking at sportstars, social media and issues surrounding reputation management comes from qualitative interviews with those in the industry.

Should Sports Stars Use Twitter?

2012 has been a busy year for Twitter; the London Olympics saw an unprecedented amount of Tweets and, in amongst all the big names Tweeting, controversy has kept the social media tool in the news.

“Renegades Write The Rules” – Amy Jo Martin

Founder of social media agency Digital Royalty and now author of her first book. Amy Jo Martin has penned “Renegades Write The Rules” which goes on sale on 2nd October. Here’s my review…

UKSN to chair global keynote with London 2012 Head of New Media, Alex Balfour

Tomorrow sees the start of the acclaimed Social Media Week here in London and I’m delighted to have been asked to chair a ‘fireside chat’ with Alex Balfour. Here’s your chance to ask Alex a question about London 2012. Read on for more info…

Job of the Week: Digital Media Officer at West Ham United

Following on from the jobs we’ve highlighted from Chelsea FC and The RFU. Here is another one we thought was too good not to highlight, this time at West Ham United


Man City’s YouTube Partnership: An In-Depth Look

It has been well publicised recently that the world’s richest football club have taken the step of getting a YouTube brand channel. To many this may get a ‘so what’ reaction and many of the articles so far have only mentioned the news and not looked into what this means to the club and for football.

Transfer Deadline Day – how to keep up to the second with news

We saw an explosion of activity on Twitter back in January as the football Transfer Window in the UK came to a close. Today is going to see an even bigger day online take place as rumours go flying around and reporters work until they can do no more. Who would want to miss out on this fun day of mayhem?! Here’s how to keep up with the action…

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