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Manchester United pass 60m fan mark on Facebook, but what does that mean to the club?

Manchester United are today celebrating hitting another Facebook milestone, this time having 60m fans on their page. But 60m is just a number right. Does it actually mean anything to the club? This is what I put to new Manchester United social media manager, Nick Coppack

Manchester United launch ‘Social Media Hub’

Manchester United have been slowly expanding their efforts on social media with a new release that brings together all their channels into one place with their new Social Media Hub

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Google+ & Manchester United – The Front Row Story

Nice wrap up video from Manchester United about their recent #MUFrontRow fan engagement campaign with Google+

Manchester United & Google+ Present #MUFrontRow

Manchester United v Liverpool at Old Trafford is one of the biggest games in world football, and this season you could be supporting the Reds during that match in a way you could never have imagined.

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How to Monetise Social Media in Sport [video]

At the Sportel Conference in Monaco, Richard Ayers (Seven League and ex-Head of Digital at Man City), Shergul Ashad (Digital Director, AS Roma) and David Sternberg (Head of Media, Man Utd) discussed the different approaches, barriers and opportunities that surround social media and the monetisation possibilities it represents

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Manchester United extend social reach further with G+ and Instagram

Manchester United today extended the reach of its global social media activity with the launch of official pages on Google+, Instagram and Renren.

Manchester United Launch Twitter & Sina Weibo Accounts

After many months of wondering when it will happen, the day is finally here. For Manchester United fans like myself it has been a matter of waiting and knowing that it was when rather than if it would be launched.

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The Sir Alex Retirement Announcement and Twitter

The biggest football news of the century broke today as Manchester United announced the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson. With over 300k mentions in half an hour on Twitter, social media again showed how it is used for breaking news by clubs.

Cool Job: Contributing Editor (Social Media) @ Manchester United

We love highlighting great jobs here at UKSN, especially when it involves social media and our favourite (well, my favourite) football team. Fancy working at Old Trafford every day?

Macheda latest player fined for Twitter outburst – what is the solution?

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time you will know that this is certainly not the first time a player has got into trouble on Twitter. For the last 3 years there have been regular instances of this happening. So what is the answer?

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