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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 21/10/16

BT Sport celebrates football art BT Sport has been advertising Champions League fixtures with a series of striking pieces of artwork that cover a diverse range of creative styles. You

Twitter Lineup XIs show why lower leagues can’t compete with the Premier League

We know that football clubs like to play around on Twitter to see what works and what doesn’t. Clubs are all about protecting that brand and raking in that engagement.

Everton Partner with Liverpool Hope University for Data Driven Initiatives

Everton FC have announced a partnership with Liverpool Hope University, as the club aims to optimise its fanbase growth and commercial development using new technology and advanced research methods. The

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Is Manchester United v Liverpool really going to be the cure for Sky Sports’ illness?

When ratings are poor, things look bad. But sometimes you have to look beyond the numbers and see what’s really happening. That’s the position Sky Sports are in at the

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PODCAST: Squawka’s Sanjit Atwal on the high’s and low’s of his entrepreneurial journey and what’s next for Squawka

Sanjit co-founded Squawka in 2011, with it being released to the public in time for the European Championships in 2012. Since then the business has won multiple awards and become one of the leading football publishers in the UK.

West Ham’s social media accounts at it again when another social media faux pas

They did it again. There was backlash of utterly inevitable proportions this week when West Ham’s Twitter account got involved with National Poetry Day. There was a predictable reaction from

Sports publishers are the leading lights on social media – and now the stats prove it

If you thought that sport was just a distraction for most people, an unimportant flight of fancy for the free time between work and more important social adventures, then you’ve

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Biggest clubs in the world on board for Dugout

A selection of leading clubs from Europe and the rest of the world, as well as top footballers, will all be involved in a new digital football platform called Dugout. The

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Manchester City to bring fans Premier League football in VR

Is the world ready for VR? It’s beginning to look like it might have to be. Manchester City are a club who are often at the forefront of bringing digital

Dutch Football Association in novel new way to deal with hooligans

In Holland, a novel way to prevent known hooligans from entering football stadiums looks set to get the green light from the Dutch Football Association, the KNVB. The KNVB has