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Bayern Munich’s first game of the season to be shown in VR

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch football in VR? Would it be an amazing, immersive experience? (Surely) Would that be overshadowed by having to sit in your

UEFA Champions League’s Twitter account is a lesson to us all

It feels like every week there’s some sort of social media gaffe to grab our attention in the world of sport. Engaging with your audience in real time on social

Brand value index for footballers shows just how much individuals are worshipped

Last week, The Drum published an article on the brand value that Premier League footballers possess, and how that value has changed since the start of the new Premier League

The number one piece of social media advice? Don’t do a Charlton.

You’ve probably wondered about social media best practices – what you should do to engage your audience or to make them more inclined to support your organisation or buy your

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Carling and Sky Sports set to launch multi-platform Friday Night Football Show

Carling, the Official Beer and Cider of the Premier League, has partnered with Sky Sports to launch a brand new football show, designed to offer fans an alternative view of

TAG Heuer’s partnership with the Premier League makes life easier for referees

At the start of the new football season teams have new kits, players have new boots, and fans have new players to shout for. Everyone loves a shiny new thing

Wilson launches Connected X American football and blurs Virtual and Actual reality

Kids these days. They need complicated technology and video games to keep their attention. When we were kids, all we needed was a ball – a bit of leather with

Are bots the future of sports journalism?

With 306 events over 28 different sports, there are a lot of medals to be won and a lot of sport to report on. Not only are there so many

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Twitter’s deal to show Premier League goals isn’t a game changer – but it could be

Last week, Twitter announced that Sky Sports would be able to broadcast goals and action from 126 live Premier League games being shown on Sky over the 2016/17 Premier League

Audi launch player performance app for MLS fans – but is it actually useful?

Adapting the sport for modern technology is perhaps football’s biggest challenge: the global game is an inherently conservative one. From its reluctance to incorporate video replays right through to the