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Dutch Football Association in novel new way to deal with hooligans

In Holland, a novel way to prevent known hooligans from entering football stadiums looks set to get the green light from the Dutch Football Association, the KNVB. The KNVB has

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Man City in groundbreaking new robotics partnership

Over the last few years, football has been catching up with the technology curve. For a sport that is so popular around the world, it often lags behind other sports

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 9/11/16

Copa90 and Bleacher Report to produce weekly Snapchat show Digital football network Copa90 have partnered with Bleacher Report to produce a weekly football show on Snapchat. James Grigg, director of global operations

Five things we learned from Sports Industry Breakfast Club – eSports

As one of the fastest growing areas in the sports and marketing industries at the moment, it’s probably time we started taking a serious look at the eSports landscape. This

NFL experiment with influencers to grow audience in the UK

Over the past few years, British audiences have begun to hear more and more about American football. From Sky Sports, Channel 4 and the BBC showing live games to a

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Bayern Munich’s expansion into the US market is the smart way to success

German football club Bayern Munich seems to be the latest team looking to expand into the sport’s two emerging markets: China and the USA. And it’s the US in particular where Munich

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Bayern Munich’s first game of the season to be shown in VR

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch football in VR? Would it be an amazing, immersive experience? (Surely) Would that be overshadowed by having to sit in your

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UEFA Champions League’s Twitter account is a lesson to us all

It feels like every week there’s some sort of social media gaffe to grab our attention in the world of sport. Engaging with your audience in real time on social

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Brand value index for footballers shows just how much individuals are worshipped

Last week, The Drum published an article on the brand value that Premier League footballers possess, and how that value has changed since the start of the new Premier League

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The number one piece of social media advice? Don’t do a Charlton.

You’ve probably wondered about social media best practices – what you should do to engage your audience or to make them more inclined to support your organisation or buy your