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Adidas say goodbye to normal recycling with “Infinity-Cycling”

Move out of the way normal recycling, Adidas has invented a new and more efficient way of recycling, kind of… Your boot could be made out of a swatch of

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Who’s Winning The #WorldCup Battle Of The Brands On Twitter? #stats

With only 2 days until the opening ceremony in Rio of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, we thought we’d take a look at who is being talked about on Twitter with adidas v Nike, Coca Cola v Pepsi and Hyundai v Vauxhall

adidas launch live World Cup YouTube show, ‘The Dugout’

adidas launch brand new live YouTube series ‘The Dugout’ and declares “The traditional press conference is no more..”

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My Top 5 World Cup Digital Trends

At our latest Digital Sport London event I spent the opening part of the night speaking about what a few of the brands are up to as we approach the World Cup. It’s an area that always fills up a lot of column inches within the trade press and this year is no different.

How Important is it for Sports Brands to be ‘Reactive’ on Social Media?

Guest post: We Play’s Krishan Majithia takes a look at how social media has allowed brands to become closer to potential customers around sports events by engaging in ‘real time’ conversations

adidas kick start the battle of the brands ahead of FIFA World Cup draw

adidas football launch a Twitter account for the official FIFA World Cup ball and an interactive launch video on YouTube. The World Cup social battle of the brands has started!

adidas Tennis test Vine for Djokovic campaign

adidas Tennis use Twitter’s Vine for the first time to help tease out new Novak Djokevic campaign to time in with last weeks Shanghai Masters.

Can you kick it like Bale? adidas helps you find out

Ever wondered how hard you can kick a ball? Well wonder no more. adidas Snapshot has launched today on iPhone and can give you the answers you’re looking for.

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Andy Murray dominates Wimbledon and Twitter

After 77 years of hurt, the impossible finally happened and Andy Murray won the Wimbledon title. He also smashed Twitter as he, his sponsors and fans all celebrated this historic victory.

‘The Future of Football’ [video]

Here is the video from the panel session on ‘the future of football’ which took place at the adidas UCL Final event on 25th May.