Swansea City FC creates a new player information and wellbeing app

Over the last few months, football clubs have recognised the need to produce apps which work with their digital strategies. Organisations are now providing enhanced experiences and fan engagement software which updates without a delay.

A club that has done this well is Arsenal FC. Digital Tech Agency, Other Media, was tasked with updating their current offering to provide audiences with a better-integrated experience. Arsenal wanted to ensure the data was consistent and up-to-date with the content on their website. As a result, the app now provides live press conferences, team news, match highlights, picture galleries from every game, latest news, table and fixtures, push notifications, player profiles and exclusive content with the professionals and staff. The new look application has been able to integrate video and audio technology to provide a seamless user experience which drives engagement.

As well as apps which drive fan engagement, teams have also started to develop technology for the players. Swansea City FC has transformed their player manual into an accessible app, helping to engage and support new squad members. The company has decided to progress from a manual to a digital platform which allows for all useful advice to be continually updated so it is a reliable source.

To facilitate their integration into the organisation and their new home city, it is there to provide their employees with important information such as access to maps and contact numbers that support their mental and emotional wellbeing. Unlike the Arsenal application, the intention for this is to not generate revenue, it is to help, engage and provide the most valuable material.

Football teams want to be seen as forward-thinking corporations, with this in mind more and more clubs from all around the world are introducing apps into their digital strategy. Juventus, Bayern Munich and Manchester United have all launched new apps which create on-demand content and multi-camera highlights via a subscription model.

Clubs are increasingly becoming aware of the online habits of consumers and how viewership is moving more towards live-streams rather than broadcasters. One of the main causes of this is the ability to watch anywhere at any time, providing a digital space for supporters to engage offers a treasure trove of content that holds interest for every type of fan. As it comes apparent more time is being spent on mobiles, it is a logical move for teams to offer their audience, players and staff supporting info which is in a portable form.

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