Spurs unveil Augmented Reality app for Arsenal game

Tottenham Hotspurs is set to trial a piece of innovative internet marketing technology which will allow its fans to watch video footage of their favourite goals by pointing their mobile phones at the club emblem.

The Premier league club has hailed the technology as revolutionary.

The augmented reality technology, called Aurasma, has already been used by Debenhams, Tesco, and other high-street brands in their marketing activities.

Aurasma is owned by Autonomy, which is a Spurs shirt sponsor.

Tottenham will use the technology for the first time this weekend during its match against bitter rival Arsenal.

Fans who point their mobile phones at the Tottenham team emblem will be able to watch live video footage of Premiership goals scored by the team this season.

They can either point it neighbouring fans wearing the kit, the players on the pitch, or the emblem in the club programme.

Spurs: readies augmented reality app for tomorrow's match against Arsenal
Spurs: readies augmented reality app for tomorrow’s match against Arsenal

Consumers wanting to experience the technology must download the app, which is free of charge.

A spokesperson for the football club said: “This is a revolution in the way we communicate with our fans. We’re the very first club in the world to have an interactive team kit which our fans can wear.”

This piece first appeared on www.marketingmagazine.co.uk  (by John Reynolds)

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  1. macbook
    November 21, 13:00 Reply
    Thank for shared good info and i like your blog it clean and nice picture.
  2. Mike Dunphy
    October 03, 08:37 Reply
    We did this at Manchester United in 2007 I think. Using Snapnow technology, we did quite a lot more than this though, e.g. enabled every page of the club magazine to go to a relevant mobile internet site. It is probably best used as a gimmick to PR a sponsor in 'match' environments. Oh, it just has been!
  3. Dan (UKSN)
    September 30, 15:44 Reply
    Thanks Aaron. I agree that it should probably say 'talk to' rather than 'communicate with'. Is a good innovative idea and be interesting to see if it goes down well with fans. Expect much more AR with Spurs in the coming months as it will be Aurasma pushing the new developments rather than Spurs themselves.
  4. Aaron Colman
    September 30, 15:40 Reply
    Tthis shows great initiative from Spurs by providing something that other clubs are not. However, i don't agree that - “This is a revolution in the way we communicate with our fans..." - it's a great tool for the fans but it is still the club discussing 'to' the fans, not 'with' the fans. A number of fans will appreciate the effort made but these clubs need to be communicating with their fans and not just pushing additional features.

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