Pixellot and Prozone partner to provide coaches with all they need to boost performance

Sport is big business, as we all know, but success on the field is usually linked with success off it. As a result, it’s more and more important to fine tune the marginal details of your performance. Sometimes victory is just a matter of getting the little things right, and with that can come all the riches associated with triumph.

Pixellot are a company specialising in automated sports video solutions, providing fixed-location cameras which stitch together panoramic views of football pitches, allowing teams with a workable way of analysing their performance, and giving coaching staff with the ability to access all the data and angles they need to do their job properly.

The company have also recently partnered with Prozone, who provide football performance data, bringing together two technologies into one product which has been approved by the English Premier League and will be made available to other leagues next season.

The technology combines Prozone’s STATS SportVU real-time player tracking technology with Pixellot’s panoramic video technology “will provide coaching teams the ultimate analysis tool to visualize any action on the field both in real-time and post-match,” according to a press release announcing the partnership.

Instead of relying on TV broadcast cameras, coaches can view all areas of the pitch and focus on the movements of specific players or certain zones on the pitch, allowing real-time analysis of the game.

The video is fed in real time into a remote production suite where multiple viewing angles, preset cameras and graphic tools can be used to analyse performance and allow teams to get all the information needed to improve the performances of their team.

Alon Werber, CEO at Pixellot, said, “Performance analysis is probably one of the main areas of transformation in sports these days. The combination of Prozone’s performance expertise, STATS SportVU real-time tracking and analysis capabilities, and our panoramic video solution enables coaches to evaluate players, teams and games, consistently and accurately as never before.”

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