Mercedes Provides RFID Facebook Checkins at PGA Championship

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Mercedes is the latest automaker — and likely the only one in the U.S. — to experiment with computer- and smartphone-less Facebook checkins via RFID.

The carmaker has set up 10 kiosks at the PGA Championship in Atlanta. Some 25,000 people have also been given VIP passes with RFID chips embedded in them. Those attendees can go on an iPad at the event and register — a process that takes under a minute — to use the passes to check in at the kiosks and Like any of the Mercedes cars at the event. They can also take pictures at the kiosks (which have built-in cameras) and check in via Facebook Places.

The idea of using RFID to enable Facebook checkins is fairly new, especially in the U.S. A forerunner of the technique was Coca-Cola, which ran a program at its amusement park in Israel last summer, letting park attendees check in and Like attractions using an RFID-enabled wristband. Automaker Renault also unveiled Facebook kiosks at the Amsterdam Motor Show in April. More recently, a hotel in Ibiza, the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, offered guests the ability to check in, Like things and upload photos at various kiosks on the hotel grounds.

A video below shows how the technology Mercedes is using, from ODIN Technologies, works in practice.


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