Juventus creates new fan app with access to highlights and bespoke content

There seems to be a new trend emerging among football clubs. Over the last few weeks, both Manchester United and Bayern Munich have launched new apps, creating on-demand video accessible to fans via a subscription model.

That trend has increased further, with Italian giants Juventus the latest club to create a new service for their fans worldwide.

The Juventus Pass is available on desktop, tablet and mobile, and in monthly and annual subscriptions. It will give fans access to full match reruns and highlights as well as multi-camera angles to replay goals and chances. It will also allow fans to watch Champions League, as well as Serie A, highlights, which will be available from midnight on the night of the game.

Although nothing compares to actual live sport, clubs are increasingly harnessing the power of the on-demand habits of consumers. Football fans thirst for news about their club, and providing match highlights along with interviews, behind the scenes videos and clips from training are big winners amongst fans. The ability to watch anywhere and anytime is hugely important. So a one-stop shop for highlights, reaction, analysis and behind-the-scenes content is surely an exciting pros

According to Juventus’ website, the Juventus Pass will offer, “black and white videos from classic highlights of the best games from the past, individual channels for your favourite stars, behind the scenes footage, just for kids content and much, much more.”

It’s a treasure trove of content, and provides something for every type of fan. In fact, you don’t really need to be a Juventus fan to get excited about full match reruns or classic highlights. And perhaps that’s a calculation these clubs are making: by creating a platform that holds interest for every football fan within the digital space, you might gain more fans from around the world in the process.

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