Is LinkedIn Enough?

I and many of you who read this will be massive fans of LinkedIn and what it can do for your business and your own profile. But is it enough just to make new contacts, start discussions and become thought leaders?

My thinking about the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter these days is that they are great introductory tools. They have the ability to break the ice, start talking to people and get to know who will be useful to connect with and share your ideas/passions.

Despite the fact that I have broken the magical 500+ contact barrier, the work that I have brought in for my company has still been through traditional methods. One was from a friend I have not seen for while and now runs a basketball academy, another I was recommended to by a former client and my biggest project will be from a former employer. So what am I bothering with LinkedIn for??

Without LinkedIn these people would not have known what I was doing, it is almost like having an online CV. People I know from working on one project will look at my profile and see what else I do, then speak to me about some work they need doing or a friend who has a need.

It has also allowed me to set up a great blog, speak to contributers for the site and build relationships for events I am running off the back of the website. It has given me the contacts and an audience to tell what I am doing.

Social Media will never replace face-to-face meetings and proper relationship building. I am a firm believer that you cannot form a real connection with someone until you have met them, spent some time with them and got to know them properly…. in person.

If you think Social Media has all the answers then I’m afraid you are more than likely to be disappointed. You can have 1000 contacts, 5000 followers and 10000 fans but unless you know how to use these connections then you will never see all the benefits you should enjoying.

To see more on how to best use LinkedIn, see this article by Lewis Howes, who runs and LinkedIn group Sports Industry Network, for his 13 ways to generate massive success on LinkedIn.

Be great to hear your thoughts and experiences of using Social Media for your business and personal goals………..

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  1. Ardi Kolah
    March 02, 06:54 Reply
    One of the issues of using electronic social media is how to do it well. Effective communication in today's time challenged environment needs to be two-way. We need to get better at using the "receive mode" rather than always be in "transmit mode". And that's the paradox for everyone on LinkedIn and other channels. We have more channels of communication than ever, but are we really communicating?
  2. Karl Lusbec
    February 17, 21:51 Reply
    Great post Daniel. I agree with Ian. What matters is what you make of it. I use LinkedIn heavily for business purposes, not to gather my friends address book. I really cherish my network and try to see them as often as possible, and at least give news by mail in order not to lose contact.
  3. Ian @imofo
    February 16, 17:19 Reply
    Thanks for this post, Daniel. I have noted recently the trend towards a 3-way split in social networking usage: - Facebook for contact with your friends in the evening or weekends; - Twitter for your daily random bursts of inspiration and community-building with those in your area of interest, plus news updates and info gathering; - LinkedIn for your professional network, centred more on your business interests. This may, of course, not be true in all cases but is definitely a more likely usage trend over time for most in my opinion. But the biggest point of relevancy above is that it is what you make of it, and the way you interact with those who follow and are connected to you, that defines any level of success. Quality definitely trumps quantity every time, and social networking highlights this in every case.

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