Glasgow Rangers Launch Facebook and LinkedIn Pages

Yesterday saw the official launch of Glasgow Rangers FC’s official Facebook page, complete with a photo shoot to celebrate it.  They have taken their time to enter into social media but it looks like they are going to take it very seriously.

With 17,900 fans in the first day since launch, mainly off the back off the PR generated for their launch, they have made a promising start to tap in the clubs massive fan base.  The PR for the launch not only included a photo shoot but also a launch press conference, something I don’t think any other team has done yet.  It has to be said that the video from the Press Conference is about 2 players and their injuries/plans with no mention of the social media launch or future plans, a bit of a miss.

If this is a sign of things to come then the club looks like it is going to integrate its social media presence in other activities (integration is key to making it really work successfully). 

Initially they have launched a Facebook page and LinkedIn ‘Business Club’ page (9 members so far but is early days).  The LinkedIn page is I imagine on the back of the ‘Celtic FC Business Network’ and something they see working for their sales, hospitality, events and sponsorship departments and has been eulogised by our own Sean Walsh in his recent article.

They have taken the two very separate lines with Facebook (fans) and LinkedIn (business), both of which could reap long term benefits for the club.  They have not leapt into this with their eyes closed but hired an in-house digital manager to mastermind their online presence and keep the pages updated.  One of the keys to this venture is having buy-in from the very top of the club….

Ali Russell, Rangers chief operating officer, said: “The Club has a well-established and successful media portfolio and the launch of the Official Rangers Facebook page further enhances our media operation.

“Social media is leading the way in instant news and our supporters can now keep up to date with all the latest Club news on Facebook wherever they are in the world.

“There are exciting times ahead for Rangers, on and off the field, and the creative use of digital media will undoubtedly increase and expand our exposure in the UK and worldwide – which in turn will increase the worldwide reach of our sponsors and partners.”

The club have also included their sponsors in their plans by consulting with them and making sure they are linked up from the start by making sure they ‘like’ their sponsors Facebook pages.  The involvement with any networking events run on the back of the LinkedIn (the need to bring the online offline is the real key to success here) will also be popular with the sponsoring companies.

Sarah Bell, marketing manager from the Lomond Audi Group, the club’s official vehicle sponsor, said: “At the Lomond Audi Group we recognise the importance of digital communication and are investing heavily in our own online presence in order to improve and build our customer relationships.

“The launch of the Rangers Facebook site is an exciting addition to the club’s media portfolio which allows us as official sponsor of Rangers to instantaneously connect with and engage the fans of the club.” 

There are also plans for a Twitter page in the coming months, though I suspect this may appear prior to the start of the new Scottish League season.

Article originally appeared in The Drum.

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  1. r ferguson guest
    July 04, 06:54 Reply
    rangers fans should remember the clubs that vote against them, when the time comes to play against these leeches who only get a vote because the old firm kept their clubs alive, now it's time to forgive something that was no fault of the fans,we really see these bits of dung for what they really are,the old firm (do) need each other, but the other clubs need them more, if these no brain creatures keep it up then they're the ones with nooses for they're own clubs,r.i.p scottish football
  2. F Hood
    July 23, 10:38 Reply
    I welcome the move, firstly due to being a Rangers fan, but also because especially during the latter part of the last Chairman's reign, the fans felt like they were being pushed aside more and more in favour of the financial frugality that was obviously needed. Now that there is a new Chairman in place, I feel that he's brought in his own men and they're starting to work harder at engaging the fans again. There may not be a Rangers Official Twitter, but there is an employee of Rangers who, whilst not answering questions on intricacies or speculation, is first-rate at delivering snippets of news probably unheard otherwise, and he engages with the fans, and the journalist's Twitter accounts as well. And as of yesterday, Rangers re-branded the Scottish Sun's Sports webpage with their new branding of the lion rampant breathing fire. It feels altogether a more co-ordinated and deliberate attempt at marketing the club.
  3. theuksn
    July 18, 21:55 Reply
    There is a fine line between doing it with a defined strategy and purpose and doing it because everyone else is doing it. It may look the same at the start but the reality soon shines through. Gordon makes a good point in that it should offer something different and not just a rehash of another channel...what is it purpose in the first place (a strategy should set this out). David, to your point on how it should be measured and not just in likes, retweets and fans. It does depend on the clubs objectives - it may not be to sell tickets or shift shirts but an awareness of the brand outside of the UK. The social strategy should be built around the business stragety for it be measureable and successful. Good luck to both Rangers and Celtic is all I can say. Time will tell if they gain more than just likes and if they put some serious time and money into it.
  4. gordon dallas
    July 13, 09:58 Reply
    Obviously for sheer car crash entertainment it will be a shame when all the young footballers with too much money and too much time on their hands have people to do their social media (and I speak as one who would want the gig). I actually think too many team Facebook pages are replicas of their website, and in that respect walshybhoy is right. The clubs are doing it cause it's the done thing. Call me old fashioned but it would be nice if clubs used social media to be social and actually talk to their fans by letting fans post to their wall. Teams have a web site, a club paper, often a TV channel or a podcast so social media could be one small place where real dialogue could happen.
  5. walshybhoy
    July 12, 17:40 Reply
    As David said, social media can be an absolute minefield if not done properly. Rangers have already had two pretty awful situations crop up from their players not understanding social media - <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Again, far too many clubs think social media is about owning a Facebook page. It is key that clubs educate their players and protect themselves with social media guidelines.
  6. davidmorganjenkins
    July 12, 11:20 Reply
    It will be interesting to see how they use it and to what real gain. Social media is a minefield, I am unsure which clubs have cracked it - and recounting numbers of members clicking like, joining in or sharing with their friends does not necessarily lead to increased spend, more tickets sold and strips vanishing from the shelves. I hope their social media strategy stands stronger than just "well the other side of town does it - so we must too" but I fear that this may be the case as that Marketing Manager from Lomond clearly has a better understanding of it that the Rangers Club spokesperson.
  7. gordon dallas
    July 12, 10:50 Reply
    Long overdue. Think the takeover stalled earlier attempts to get this going but in this city you can't have Celtic with something Rangers don't have...and by the way Celtic's Facebook page passed 100,000 fans 2 days ago so I couldn't see the rangers fan base sitting there watching this and being happy! A vacuum will be filled and as a result there are numerous Rangers Facebook pages by fans so it will be interesting to see whether they will survive in these numbers.

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