Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 11/2/17

The Flowers of Manchester are remembered

On the February 6th, Manchester United fans gathered at Old Trafford to remember the 23 members of Manchester United who lost their lives in a plane crash after defeating Red Star Belgrade in the European Cup. As they have done since 2000, fans sang “The Flowers of Manchester” in tribute to the team.

Patriots go viral for seemingly no reason

On Sunday, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in overtime in one of the best Super Bowls ever played. And in a crushing blow to every single person who is not a Patriots fan, Tom Brady pretty much became the greatest football player of all time.

After the game, the Patriots posted a Facebook Live video from the field. But it seemed to be a mistake, since it was six seconds long, just focused on Tom Brady surrounded by other people. Nevertheless, it went viral, getting over three million views in just hours.

Posted by New England Patriots on Sunday, 5 February 2017

Boston stays classy after incredible win

Guess what? Boston didn’t stay classy. Instead, the official Boston Police Department Twitter decided to make their opinion known. They disparaged the NFL for suspending Tom Brady, using the hashtag #BostonStrong—a hashtag created in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet was met with immediate backlash. What could possibly be wrong about law enforcement applauding a cheater while comparing it to a devastating attack on a major American city?

NBA takes action to kill Twitter wars

This week the NBA sent a memo to all 30 teams reminding them that social media should not be used to call out opposing teams and players. The league stressed that this can reflect poorly on it publicly.

This fun-killing move has likely been building for a while, but the final straw was a tweet recently posted by the Portland Trail Blazers, showing Memphis Grizzlies player Chandler Parsons air-balling a three pointer. This sparked an interaction between Parsons and Trail Blazers player C.J. McCollum.

Capitals celebrate Ovechkin on Snapchat

On Sunday, the Washington Capitals celebrated Alex Ovechkin’s 1000th point with a custom Snapchat filter. Accessible through a snapcode, the filter showed fans with Ovie’s beard, sweater, and trademark missing tooth under the banner “Ovechk1n”.

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