Chelsea launch Antonio Conte Twitter emoji to celebrate title success

It’s Friday morning, and that can only mean one thing: it’s almost the weekend. And if you’re a Chelsea fan, you’re probably feeling more chirpy than most today.

Let’s face it, though. you’ve probably been feeling good for a few weeks now, as it’s been clear for a while that Chelsea were going to win the Premier League title. But this weekend is the one you’ve been waiting for: on Sunday, the Blues will lift the Premier League trophy at Stamford Bridge after their match against relegated Sunderland.

The whole club is excited for their big moment this weekend, it seems, and what better way to celebrate the club’s second title in three years than creating a Twitter emoji of the man who made it all possible – the manager, Antonio Conte.

This time last year, Chelsea fans just wanted the season to end as quickly as possible. Jose Mourinho had gone from hero to zero and was sacked by Christmas after taking the club closer to relegation than retaining the title. The team was a mess when Conte took over, and from a tenth-placed finish last time, winning the title is nothing short of miraculous.

Blues fans have been chanting their manager’s name all season, and they’ve been rewarded with such great success that perhaps the lasting image of the 2016/17 season will forever be Conte’s wild hands-in-the-air celebrations. And it’s this which will be enshrined in emoji form this weekend.

By using the #ChelseaChampions hashtag fans will be treated to the Conte emoji – something which is sure to appear on your timeline at some point today, and something you might be using more than once over the course of the weekend if you’re of a Chelsea persuasion.

Just days ago, the Blues’ Instagram Stories celebrations drew praise for capturing their fans’ mood perfectly. They mocked up a WhatsApp-style conversation which evoked the transition Chelsea have undergone in the space of a year. They had been written off by most fans the season, but they ended up winning league after leading most of the way.

This might be a first for Chelsea, but it’s certainly not new ground for Twitter. The social media giant has created emojis for plenty of sports stars in the past, including Paul Pogba, which saw the #Pogba hashtag appear on advertising boards around Old Trafford for Manchester United’s game against Liverpool, and for El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona just a few weeks ago.

Bruna Zanin, Sports Partnerships, Twitter UK said, “We are really excited about launching this emoji. Chelsea have long been incredibly innovative in their use of Twitter. Couple this with Conte being one of the highest regarded coaches in world football at present, and it seemed like a natural fit to get this special emoji live for fans ahead of Chelsea’s crowning weekend”

Expect to see the emoji on your timeline this weekend as Chelsea fans celebrate their big moment. On Sunday evening, when Conte’s hands are be in their air, a shiny Premier League trophy will be in them.

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