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Rugby deserves more than just a like – what is the Rugby World Directory?

“Rugby deserves more than just a like” This phrase was crafted in the very early days of brainstorming about the idea that was to become the Rugby World Directory (RWD).

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All you need is a Ball – bringing Freestyle Football to the World

From a brand’s perspective as well as from an individual one, football is one of the few sports that is universally recognised and followed with a truly global reach. Digitally, that means an endless source of support as well as limitless entrepreneurial opportunity

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Henley Regatta’s Digital Revolution

For the first time since 1968, Henley Regatta was broadcast live. Sounds pretty standard fare for any sporting event, but with its own dedicated YouTube channel, HD footage, live action on BBC red button and a drone (yes – a drone!), this was Regatta 2015-style.

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Making the most of Digital: Top 10 tips

Former Head of Media at Wasps, Ali Donnelly gives her tips on how amateur clubs can make the most of their digital work. These tips are based on a presentation she gave to women’s rugby representatives from
around England

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Innovation in activation

Content marketing is one of the tools that more and more innovative brands are embracing to bring their Formula 1 sponsorship to life. Creating stories that entertain. That inform. That enhance a fan’s enjoyment of the sport they love. Whilst integrating their brand’s values and messaging.

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Rugby Tackles New Technology With Impressive Results

Gone are the days when coaches could stand on the sidelines with a notepad to document the entire game. These days, fans want the game broken down into measurable data, and new technology means they’re getting what they want.

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The Unseen Social Data Behind The Premier League

Football and social media fit together in perfect harmony – passionate football fans take to the real-time microblogging networks instantly. Here Brandwatch take a look at the social data behind the game.

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Forget Wearables – Virtual Reality is the next big thing

I was recently asked the question: “Where is the next innovation in technology coming from?” We can guess, but we cannot be sure. So, with the pointlessness of predictions in mind, I’m going to make one: Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing.

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10 simple ways to delight your fans

Giving a “wow” experience has been shown to increase renewals and returning customers by 30–50% compared to an “average” experience. And whilst you can’t always wow fans on the field, here are 10 ways to delight fans and customers off the field.

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Kick It Out: How charities can make an impact on Social Media

Guest post from Kick It Out’s Hashim Piperdy on how the football charity has used social media to help to succeed in their objectives, on no budget.