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VR company Laduma launches exciting new partnership with LA Galaxy

Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy have teamed up with VR company Laduma to create unique VR content for fans. The content itself is exciting for LA fans, featuring players

How do you make your brand more global? Nike show the answer is making it more local

How do you build global brand? That’s easy. Be more local. Having a global appeal doesn’t mean having one appeal that speaks to everyone. The world is simply too diverse

Despite the scandals, sport is still able to articulate the human experience

Over the past couple of years, sports administration has suffered scandal after scandal. From doping to financial irregularities, corruption and bidding bribery, it seems that no sport is safe. It

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The Olympic Games is a game changer for innovation – and that’s why we love it

The Olympic games is a great place to see innovation. From the athletes on show innovating in their given sports to the coverage, the advertising, the architecture and organisation –

The ‘Netflix of Sport’ is the game changer everyone has been waiting for

The sports industry is a huge money-spinner. From the grass-fed cash-cow that is the Premier League to almost any other sports league or team you can think of, someone will

Samsung backs smart shoes to improve your golf game

Uncover any problem and it’s only a matter of time before people start thinking about how to solve it. Technology is a monument to humankind’s laziness. We’ll go to great

The Man United and EA Sports partnership is new ground for sports sponsorship

Manchester United have a new official partner. On the heels of the Premier League football club’s official formal footwear partner, and their official medical systems partner, Manchester United now have

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Wilson launches Connected X American football and blurs Virtual and Actual reality

Kids these days. They need complicated technology and video games to keep their attention. When we were kids, all we needed was a ball – a bit of leather with

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Are bots the future of sports journalism?

With 306 events over 28 different sports, there are a lot of medals to be won and a lot of sport to report on. Not only are there so many

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Rio 2016 shows that even in the digital marketing era, age-old principles apply

The Greatest Show on Earth has entered our lives. Swimmers and cyclists entertained us this weekend, fighting it out for medals, world records and glory, and other sports will get