Arsenal Football Club bring live match commentary to a connected device near you

“Alexa, open Arsenal!”

As Amazon’s Echo, the wireless speaker which connects you to your home entertainment systems from across the room, becomes more and more widespread, we’ll see its use become wider, too.

It might still seem a little bit gimmicky to give verbal orders to an internet-connected device, but with big-hitters like Google and Amazon getting on board, it’s surely only a matter of time before these personal assistant like devices become common home-helpers.

And if you have an Amazon home device, you can now enable the Arsenal skill, adding a variety of club content to your Echo’s list of functions.

By asking Alexa to open Arsenal, users can now get live match stats and commentary, as well as line-ups, build-up and post-match analysis. By connecting up with Arsenal’s digital channels, Alexa will be able to stream all of this to into your home without the need for the user to do anything on the device. Perfect for finding reaction when you’re cooking dinner after the big game.

It’s not the first time that a football club has dabbled in Amazon’s new technology, bringing content to its fans in such an on-demand way. Earlier this year Liverpool added their own Alexa skill, giving their fans the chance to keep up to date with the latest news around their club.

Clearly this is a blossoming new feature, but also a way for sports teams to make engaging with club content easier for fans. And in a world where every game is covered live across all digital channels by the clubs’ digital teams themselves, it makes sense for that content to be brought into one place. And the addition of live match commentary – available to fans in the UK and the US – is particularly exciting on the new Arsenal app, and lends it quite a bit of extra credibility.

At the moment, though, you’ll need an Amazon Echo in order to use it, but as more and more clubs get in on the action, this could become much more widespread.

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